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Splash Page

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Android Multiple Photo Taker

4 minute read

A native Android fragment that adds a custom gallery feature into your project. It can add, save, delete, preview, navigate photos and sends the file uri lis...

Dockerizing Python on Linux

6 minute read

Dockerizing Python web project on a Posix host. Source and how-to included with a brief information on concepts.

Web Development With Python

12 minute read

School grading Python web application using Django. Source code, code documentation and live-demo included with brief information on Django structure.

Arduino, Android and the ECU

9 minute read

An Itea concept demonstration for ECall I completed back in 2013. Connecting a car ECU with Arduino and sending information via Android device to 112.

Using Web RTC

5 minute read

Lightweight WebRTC Video softphone demonstration with standard libraries. Source code and documentation included.

Design Patterns

4 minute read

Gang of Four Design Patterns With World of Warcraft Examples